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OMG, We're Lost Liek Whoa.

Obsessed with ABC's Lost
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Welcome to lost_liek_whoa, a community dedicated to the greatness that is Lost, JJ Abrams, Dominic Monaghan... well... you get the idea. This community is for those who are more than a wee bit obsessed with their precious Lost. So come on, join us. You know you want to. *hypnotic music plays*

...must worship lost_liek_whoa....
...lost_liek_whoa is light....

This community is co-maintained by: decemberfish and bluebirdgirl. Also, we have to thank castortroysgirl for the new layout.

If you want to join, please do so. However, at the insistance of bluebirdgirl, all requests to join are emailed to us for approval. That doesn't really mean anything, except that it might take up to 24 hours for you to be approved to join.

And now, the rules and stuff. I know some people probably hate wading through all this text, so the main points are highlighted in bold if you feel the need to skim.

Basic rules are as follows:
- Play nice with others (people have different opinions; deal with it)
- Posts that contain spoilers, more than 5 icons, or are merely very long, go behind lj-cuts (the lj-cut is your friend...)
- Try keeping posts at least somewhat relevant to some aspect of Lost. I mean, I like to go on rambling digressions just as much as the next person, but at least try to stay somewhat focused. (For instance, if you're going to make a random post about the colour of your toothbrush, try to throw in the colour of Matthew Fox's toothbrush or something, and it should be okay...)
- We all have little fangirls/fanboys inside of us screaming to get out (or we willingly embrace them, in some cases). Feel free to indulge yourselves to an extent. However, if it gets to the point where every single post is, in essence, a post like this: "OMG LOL LIEK DOMINIC IS SO GREAT!!!11one1 I <3 HIM AND WANT TO HAVE HIS HOBBIT BABIES!!!" then we might have to ammend this rule. But as of this moment -- have fun.

We here at lost_liek_whoa subscribe to the "three strikes and you're out" method of rule enforcement. Those who break the rules shall first recieve a warning, followed by a repremand, and then, as a last resort, a horrible, painful smiting from bluebirdgirl. In other words, break the rules three times, and you're out of here. Don't worry, though, we'll try not to abuse our power and become tyrranical despots ruling over this community with an iron fist (Today, lost_liek_whoa, tommorow... THE INTERNET!!! BWAHAHAAA!!!) or anything like that. Actually, we're pretty lenient with most rules except relevancy and getting along.

Also, though not exactly rules, there are some additional things you might want to keep in mind:
- This community is run by total grammar-nazis, and, although we try to keep the grousing to a minimum, please remember that you do have a spell-check option.
- If you want to advertise a community, as long as it has some connection to Lost (or ALIAS, since it's also a JJ Abrams show) then feel free to do so here. It would be nice, however, if you would please reciprocate the favour and advertise us on the community you advertised here.
- If you discover something totally awesome, you must spread the wealth. Share the shinies!!! (for instance, let's say you discover a site that has a game based off of Lost -- please, by all means, let us know!)
- Try to keep subject matter at a PG-13 level. You never know what some kid might get into (granted, if they knew enough about Lost to stick around then they must be pretty warped to begin with.)

And now that all the strictness and the meanness is out of the way... *frolics*