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off the island

Hey guys!
Just wanted to let you know that "Lost - Off The Island," the fan film I've been working on / telling you about for weeks, was released today!
Check it out at www.bamferproductions.com and let me know what you think!!!
here is your lost discussion entry for the fall season finale. vent away!
Here is your lost dicussion entry for tonight. (sorry its so late, work ran long.) Have fun guys.

17 Evi Icons

[1-9] Random Evi magazine stuff
[13-14] Evi in Lost
[15-17] 3.04 Evi making some funny faces.


follow me to my spiffeh new icon journal
Okay lovelies, here is your Lost discussion entry. Get to it.


okay boys and girls, we are trying something new. in an effort to increase the action on our site (doesn't that sound dirty?) we are going to start having discussion posts. we are going to try it for a few weeks and see how the response is. if this is something you want to keep around, than post a comment. on that note...

this is you lost discussion entry for tonight.

ps. after the show i encourage all of you to meander over and check out the recaps posted by cleolinda. so funny and sometimes informative. ENJOY!


Lost RPG

Hi. :-) I started a Lost RPG because all the others I've seen are filled up/dead. (I'd also like to thank the owners of this community for letting me advertise this, they're linked in the community profile.)


Please join the community before you request a character(s).