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Hey everybody (MOD POST)

So this community has been pretty inactive for a while. Sorry about that. But here's the deal.

decemberfish has gone back to school and is unable to really every come here any more. I haven't been watching lost for a couple of seasons now. I fell behind due to work issues and than never caught up. We were considering just deleting this community. However, with the last season starting on Tuesday (February 2nd), I figured that since it's been around this long we should see it through to the end.

So, I have fixed all the html issues we were having (sorry I didn't realize about them sooner). I tried to find a layout that was vaguely tropical. I will be going back to be posting discussion entries again and since I have some time off work, if I come across anything interesting I will try and post it for you. If you come across something interesting, feel free to post it or send it to me and I will post it. Any news about the show or the cast is welcome!

Also, after the series finale, I will be looking for someone to take over the moderating duties for decemberfish and possibly add another one since I won't be able to be around as much.

So, let me know and hope you enjoy the finale!

Here is the trailer to tide you over:

Also, here is a link to the first four minutes of the first show. Obviously, contains spoilers!


Happy watching!



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